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Adult Social Painting
100% proceeds to Ukraine


Artwork by Atena Takhayori

At StArt Academy we stand with Ukraine. 

Currently we are organizing Adult Social Painting Events where ALL the proceeds will be donated to a trusted organization to help people of Ukraine. If you are looking for a way to help but do not know how, you could be doing something beautiful while creating a masterpiece.


This can be a get together with friends, colleagues, team-building, or if you wish to attend alone, we will do our best to accommodate you with an existing group.

Acrylic paint on canvas.
Min 6, max 13 guests.

3 Hours Long.

$55 per person

$50 deposit required to reserve party

All fees will be donated to

Would like to share our Adult Social Painting Fundraiser for Ukraine!

The client chose to donate money to 3 different organizations rescuing animals affected by the war.

100% of the money was donated, could not be happier with the turnout!


If you are looking to gather with friends, family, or co-workers this Summer to create a beautiful artwork with a beautiful cause please reach out

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