Sept 14, 2020 - Mar 29, 2021

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Ages 4-7

1.5 h class once a week


Wed 4:45 PM (2 spots)

Thu 4:45 PM (4 spots)

Fri 4:45 PM (1 spot)

Sat 9:15 AM

Sun 9:15 AM (FULL)

The program will introduce youngest artists into a beautiful world of art through variety of age appropriate fun art activities in drawing, painting, and sculpture. Children will have a chance to learn about colour mixing, explore their creativity and obtain basic art skills following step by step instructions to create simple landscapes, animals and still-life art works while working with different media. The emphasis is on fun and creativity.



Ages 8-12

1.5 h class once a week


Mon 4:45 PM (3 spots) 

Mon 6:30 PM (3 spots)

Thu 6:30 PM

Fri 6:30 PM (2 spot)

Sat 11:00 AM

Sun 11:00 AM (3 spots)

Sun 12:45 PM (2 spots)

Students will be immersed in a series of art projects in drawing, painting, and sculpture and continue to experiment in variety of media. Creative non-competitive environment will allow young artists to explore their own potential and nurture self-esteem while continuing building art skills and learning about art history. The emphasis is on development of visual language based on child's imagination and artistic expression of their personalities.



Ages 12-16

1.5 h class once a week


Mon 6:30 PM (3 spots) 

Wed 6:30 PM (1 spot)

Thu 6:30 PM

Sat 12:45 PM

Sun 12:45 PM (2 spots) 

Budding artists will expand their knowledge in art history and further develop their artistic skills in various techniques in drawing, painting, collage and sculpture. Through balance of formal training and creative exploration students will explore shapes, shading, light, perspective and elements of composition. The emphasis is on development of advanced artistic and academic skills based on young artist's imagination and self-expression.

You may join anytime

10% sibling discount.

2 make-up classes per term.

All art supplies provided.

No classes:

Dec 21,2020-Jan 1, 2021 (Winter Break)

Late registration will be prorated at $28 (1.5 hr class) plus $20 registration fee per term.

No taxes charged. We accept cash, cheques or e-transfers to info@startacademy.ca