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A wave of excitement ripples through the youthful halls of StArt Academy as news circulates about its upcoming relocation to a brand-new venue. The move promises not only a change in physical surroundings but also a fresh canvas for creativity to flourish. With two bright, spacious studios, the new location is poised to spark the imaginations of the young talents, providing an even more inspiring backdrop for their artistic endeavours. We are super enthusiastic about the opportunities this move presents for fostering a vibrant community of budding artists. The StArt Academy's transition to its new home represents not just a change of address but a vibrant brushstroke on the canvas of these young artists' educational journey, promising to nurture their creativity and passion for the arts in an environment designed just for them.

Our New Address (starting February 1st):

17817 Leslie Street, Unit #6,

Newmarket, L3Y 8C6.

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