Safety Rules

All instructors/staff will be wearing masks 

All instructors/staff, students will have a temperature check before entering the school.

Pick up and Drop off limiting contact: Students must be dropped off and picked up at the exact time of class start and finish.

Parents are not allowed in the studio, only students. Parents must practice social distancing from one another when dropping off and picking up students outside of the studio.

Art studio will be divided into stations that are 6 feet apart from each other.

Art supplies will not be shared during art class, each student will have their own supplies to use during class that will be fully sanitary.

No smocks or aprons will be shared. Students should dress in something they don’t mind getting dirty or bringing their own apron.

Masks are mandatory at all times for grades 1 and up

Capacity Limit

There will be not more than 10 persons in the studio at a time, this includes instructors and students.

Personal Hygiene and Studio Sanitizing

Staff is responsible to ensure students practice hand hygiene and wash hands when coming to the room, and various times during class.


Rules will be enforced about social distancing from each other during class.


The washroom will be sanitized each time after each use. This includes: toilet seat, toilet seat handle, sink area, light switch, door knobs.


Towels at the sink areas will be replaced with paper towels, as well as hand sanitizers will be available at all times.


Studio will be sanitized between classes, this includes: tables, chairs, art supplies, door knobs, light switches, sinks, and washroom